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Be part of New England's Heritage

Please support ESE, where agriculture is celebrated, young people are mentored, and our rich history and traditions are preserved.

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"The Big E was a celebrated part of my childhood. My band marched in their parade every year, I toured the old schoolhouse (even though it never changes) every year, and I ate a baked potato in the Maine house every year. This New England tradition is so fun - it builds community, helps you find new and exciting facts or companies from your home state, and introduces you to food you don't find anywhere else. HELLOOO Big E-clairs!! What it comes down to is that this isn't some carnival or state fair; it is a tradition in the purest sense, and even now that I live 500 miles away, I fly back every year for this little slice of my childhood. The Eastern States Exposition is a place my Future Farmers of America boyfriend, my entrepreneurial sister, and my foodie self find common ground to laugh, reminisce, have a cinnamon-rimmed Oktoberfest, and eat (and see great country music bands). It is a place that can give anyone a taste of home and a full day of entertainment. Without the foundation to preserve this treasured location, I would not have this gift each year. Thank you for all you do."

Anna isn't the only one who feels this way. Each year, more than 3 million people enjoy Eastern States Exposition events, and it takes many gifts to fuel that programming and preserve our historic campus. We invite you to be a part of the preservation of agriculture and tradition at the Eastern States Exposition by helping us sustain our facilities. Your tax deductible donation will help preserve the fairgrounds for the future. Join our community of generosity, and become more involved with the Eastern States Exposition you know and love.